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1st April 1938 Ron Bridle Goto
31st May 1963 M. Brothwick Goto
29th May 1960 Malcolm Goto
 3rd September 1939 W. Jones Goto
 31st December 1938 Curly Goto
 23rd November 1963 Tracy Goto
 7th March 1960 Nyla Puccinelli Goto
 28th July 1941 Susan Liddy Goto
30th July 1944 Angela Jean Skitt Goto
3rd February 1938 Dot in Oz Goto
8th November 1937 Dot in Oz Goto
 14th March 1930 Olwen Goto
15th December 1950 Doreen Goto
15th June 1959 Duncan Miller Goto
 3rd September 1930 Helen Goto

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