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This particular day is when I left Salford and moved to Bristol - to start my whole life all over again. I was 14 years old..


29th May, 1960

Main Event

On this day, the Kennedy administration of the USA dispatched 4,000 troops, including a marine battalion, into Thailand because of an expanding military offensive by pro-Communist forces in neighboring Laos.

President Kennedy said this was necessary because the United States had a mutual defense treaty aimed at ensuring the territorial integrity of Thailand . This show of force was regarded as part of a diplomatic effort to preserve the neutral and independent status for Laos, which was agreed by Kennedy and the Soviet Premier Khrushchev at their summit meeting in Vienna in the previous year. There had been a year-long cease-fire in Laos which was broken earlier in May when pro-Communist Pathet Lao forces captured a government stronghold near the Communist Chinese border and also most of northwest Laos.

In Saigon, Defense Secretary McNamara optimistically said U.S. military aid to South Vietnam will level off.


Other Events Concerning 29th May:

This day of May is the Feast day of St Cyril of Caesarea; St Bernard of Montjoux; St Theodosia of Constantinople; St Maximinus of Trier; Saints William; Saint Stephen; Saint Raymund.

On this day of May the following happened:

862 Riurick (of Jutland) founded the first dynasty of Princes of Russia at Novgorod. 1218 The Fifth Crusade landed outside Damietta, N Egypt. 1453 Mohammed II, founder of the Ottoman empire, captured Constantinople; the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI was killed and the Greek Empire finally extinguished and Constantinople became the Ottoman capital. 1458 Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, defeated a Castilian fleet in the Channel. 1848 Wisconsin became a US state. 1940 The first British forces were evacuated from Dunkirk. 1947 The Indian constituent assembly outlawed `untouchability'.


King Charles II of Great Britain, 1630; Louis Jean Marie Daubenton, French naturalist, 1716; Patrick Henry, US politician, 1736; Léon Bourgeois, French politician, 1851; Gilbert Keith Chesterton, English novelist and critic, 1874; Bob Hope, US actor and comedian, 1903; John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the USA, 1917.


Bartholomew Diaz de Novaes, Portuguese navigator, 1500; David Beaton, Scottish politician, 1546; Cornelius Van Tromp, Dutch sailor, 1691; Humphry Davy, English scientist who invented a safety lamp for miners, 1829; John Lothrop Motley, US historian and diplomat, 1877; W S Gilbert, English playwright and librettist, 1911.